Who we are

Claudia Casaletti: engraver
…what else?

Giorgio Cappelletto: wood artist
manual skill + creativity + recycling = framer
…but not only

What we do

Claudia is absolutely fascinated by the arctic world as seen through her windows. She balances this overwhelming nature with humour, fantasy and precise  engravings, of her own way.
She also holds workshops for both beginners and experienced artists

Giorgio realizes frames and unique pieces of furniture recycling wood from old houses in ruins and the sea shore of Kongsfjord.

Where we live

We live in Kongsfjorda little village in Finnmark, Norway: no traffic, no noise, not even a traffic light.

Claudia Casaletti

In 2007, during my wedding trip, I visited Finnmark for the first time and I was fascinated by its irresistible charm; in May 2008 I left Italy and moved to Kongsfjord where I started my Engraving Atelier.

Giorgio Cappelletto

…looking carefully at a piece of wood left on the seaside or found in an old house in ruins, it allows me to focus on the potential of the materials and to turn them into useful and curious objects.